InPeak is building the “LinkedIn/Masterclass” of Web3. With live sessions and on-demand content on:
  • All aspects of Web3 education, featuring industry leaders such as Zeneca, Camila Russo, Laura Shin, and Brenden Mulligan of Premint
  • NFT Insider (’TED talks of NFTs), featuring speakers such as Gmoney, Hume, and Cyber Broker’s Josie Bellini, to name a few.
  • Up and Coming, featuring hot NFT projects with solid teams about to drop a collection.

Those who are interested in:
  • Power users who wish to build their profile
  • Thought leaders who want to connect with the top industry leaders
  • Content creators
  • Educators
  • Builders and community leaders
  • Web3 and NFT consultants
  • Learners who are serious about becoming the future industry leader
“Learn” Soulbound Token
This membership is suitable for those interested in:
  • Learning all aspects of Web3
  • Attending live mentorship by top industry leaders
  • Tuning into ‘NFT Insider” sessions by established Web3 leaders
  • Discovering vetted, hot “Up and Coming” projects
  • Access to hundreds of hours of curated on-demand sessions
  • Professional networking through a dedicated discord channel
  • Career opportunities and professional development

Here is a clearer comparison chart between the TWO passes

Access to daily live sessions
Access to on-demand recordings
Access to the Genesis lounge on Discord
Access to all members lounge on Discord
General networking opportunities with other member, educators, and content creators
Exclusive networking opportunities with Web3 leaders
Opportunity to join the stage and cohost events with high profile guest speakers
Priority access to educators through the Genesis lounge
Opportunity to present sessions under InPeak Original
Opportunity to have your own token gated sessions on InPeak
Access to the upcoming job/opportunities board using ERC20 token
Access to the upcoming job/opportunities board at no extra cost
Featured status at the upcoming Talent Pool
Ability to post jobs and hire talent at no extra cost
Access to allow lists and partnership opportunities
Upgradable token based on engagement and contribution
ERC20 allocation when released
Total supply450N/A
Total Validity LifetimeLifetime
Token Tradablity
How to join?

Purchase on OpenSea

Mint here
Note: We also have a credit card membership option for those who are new to Web3, and only gives access to the platform content and sessions without any discord access.

Learn More About InPeak’s Dynamic NFTs

All InPeak tokens are dynamic and upgradable based on members’ participation and engagement. Once a quarter, we upgrade the tokens belonging to members who are highly engaged on Discord and Twitter and join the live sessions. There will also be other opportunities to speed up one’s upgrade by jumping two levels at a time when participating in contests and other select activities.
Token levels are as follows:
  • Level 0 Basecamp
  • Level 1 Heights
  • Level 2 Pinnacle
  • Level 3 Summit
  • Level 4 Apex
  • Level 5 Peak
InPeak’s Soulbound tokens have additional dynamic based on 6 mountains in order of heights starting with Mount Fuji, and continuing to Mont Blanc, Mount Damavand, Mount Kilimanjaro, K2, and Mount Everest.


In addition to the ongoing educational content on the platform InPeak is developing other opportunities for professional networking, B2B business Further on our roadmap, we are exploring an ERC20 token release, depending on the regulatory clarity in this area. The Token will be used for micro-transactions and to access various features on the platform.
Genesis and Soulbound token holders will receive ERC20 tokens in proportion to the levels they unlock through their participation. Genesis holders will receive a higher allocation of tokens.


We are a fully doxxed team led by founder, Somi Arian. Check out Somi’s LinkedIn Profilehereand listen to her podcasthere.
Somi has been a LinkedIn Top Voice three years in a row. She is the author of a book on the future of work in emerging technologies, and her documentary the Millennial Disruption has won several International awards. The film featured Gary Vaynerchuk, and C-level executives of The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, and JLR to name a few.
After entering the Web3 space, Somi recognised the need for a Web3 platform for thought leaders to come together, share their projects, learn together and do business with one another.
InPeak has raised $1.2m in pre-seed funding and built three iterations of the platform after starting with an MVP in early 2021

Somi Arian
Somi Arian is InPeak's Founder and CEO. Somi is a Tech Philosopher, Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, LinkedIn Top-Voice and TEDx Speaker.
Joti Balani
Joti Balani is our CTO and oversees the technical developments. Joti is a Conversation AI Architect and has previously worked with Google, J&J and Lowes.
Juan Haedo
Juan Haedo is InPeak's Blockchain and Smart Contract developer. He has also developed the Smart Contract for The Infinite Machine Movie Collection headed by Camila Russo of the Defiant.
Wout Faber
Wout is our Community Manager, an NFT Educator and collector who profoundly cares about education and creating experiences to help people connect in meaningful ways. Most of his past work has revolved around empowering people on the fronts of creativity and entrepreneurship, and it's now all coming together at InPeak.
Lola Ortiz
Lola Ortiz has over 10 years of cross-industry experience. Her focus is on strategy and marketing, having previously worked for WPP and now serving as Executive Director for both InPeak and marketing firm Smart Cookie Media, Somi Arian's first venture.
Sade Fernandez
Sade Fernandez is our Head of Social Media and Customer Success. She brings with her vast knowledge and experience, having worked with KPMG, among other organisations.

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