Laura Shin
Raoul Pal
Camilla Russo
Tom Bilyeu
Sriram Krishnan
Saeed Aimidi

#147 - Saqib Bhatti MP, UK Technology Minister

#141 - Saeed Amidi - Saudi Arabia: The New Tech Hub

#149 - Aravinda Seshadri: Mistakes Startups Make & How to Avoid Them

#148 - PrimeHire - How to Find Top Senior Engineers

#146 - Nick and Marina Davidovs: Immigrant VCs - A Silicon Valley Success Story

#145 - Venture Insights with Gabriel Jarrosson: Navigating Y Combinator and Entrepreneurial Triumphs

#144 - Sandy Carter - COO of Unstoppable Domains on Digital Identity and AI

#143 - Janos Barberis: Balancing Mental Health in the Startup Hustle

#142 - Outlier Ventures - Is Web3 Ready for a Resurgence?

#140 - Chai Ventures and the Roadmap for Inclusive Investment

#139 - Ihar Mahaniok: Bridging Borders and Breaking Down Venture Capital Mysteries

#138 - Ali Karimi - How to Manage Stress of Building a Startup

#137 - Jay Estefani Castillo - What Makes a Startup Stand Out For Investment

#136 - Derek Watson - Best Location to Flourish as a Startup

#135 - Ida Beerhalter - The Secret Behind Family Office Strategy

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